Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

2018-19 Course Files

II-Year III-Year IV-Year
Special Functions and Complex Variable Power Transmission System Power Semiconductor Drives
Electromagnetic Fields Microcontrollers Power System Operation & Control
Network Theory Power Electronics High Voltage DC Transmission Systems
DC Machines and Transformers Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation Electrical Distribution Systems
Computer Organization Solar and Wind Energy Systems High Voltage Engineering
DC Machines Lab Sensors/Measurements and Instrumentation Lab Soft Computing Techniques
Electrical Networks Lab Power Electronics Lab DSP Based Electrical Lab
Electrical Simulation Lab Microcontrollers Lab Power Systems Simulation Lab
Environmental Science Power Electronics Drives Lab
Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis Computer Methods in Power systems Programmable Logic Controllers
Power Generation and Distrubution Switch Gear & Protection Flexible AC Transmission Systems
AC Machines Management Science Modern Power Electronics
Control Systems Utilization of Electrical Energy Programmable Logic Controllers-Lab
Principles of Digital Electronics Sensors&Transducers
AC  Machines Lab Power Systems Lab
Control Systems Lab Advanced English Communications  Skills Lab
Analog and Digital Electronics Lab Industry Oriented Mini Project Lab
Value Education and Ethics
Gender Sensitization Lab

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